Thanks To Technology! Choose High-Tech Sex Toys For Your Bedroom

Sex toys are definitely one of the best things to experience something new and great in your bedroom. Toys can add a lot of excitement in your sexual life; so why not have some fun?  Although many couples are a little embarrassed of using adult toys to enhance their sexual life, experimenting with sex toys can add spice in your life.
liberator_black_label_wedge_with_cuffsAccording to a recent report of New York Times, “USB connected” sex toy has become very popular among couples as it mainly focuses on “interactive sex” with your partner online.  Thanks to technology! There is another one i.e. “Fundawear” which includes a pair of your partner’s underwear with vibrating nodes. You can activate the toy with your iPhone. Isn’t it great?

Have a look at the most popular sex toys in 2014:-vibe_therapy_7_function_silicone_vibrator

We-Vibe 4

In the year 2008, We-Vibe 4 was introduced in the market and soon became popular among couples from all over the world. It’s a kind of toy which offers G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time and should be specifically worn during sex.

Tenga Eggs

Isn’t it a strange name? It’s a hard case which looks like an Easter egg. Inside the egg, you can find a squishy masturbation sleeve which has been specifically designed for fun and pleasure. It’s a very popular sex toy among men.

Stronic Drei

Thanks to the guys of Fun Factory! This is a completely new range of “thrusting” toys which neither rotates nor swirl like others, it’s specifically designed to fuck you. It offers you with a completely new sexual experience which you will definitely enjoy.

Hello Touch

Probably, it’s one of the best sex toys invented.  It turns your fingers into natural inventors and mostly used by couples. It’s very small, but very powerful in comparison to other fingertip vibrators.

It’s time to have some fun. Good Luck!


Low Libido – Fight it with Information!

If you were a man suffering from low libido and erectile dysfunction, treatment is a pretty hard and dicey thing to find. This will already be news to you because if you have even done miniscule research, you will find that there are hundreds of weird medications and treatments offered online – from the penis of a tiger to the horn of a rhinoceros or a snake’s blood.

But if you are not willing to throw up and go down in history as a dumb fool who thought killing a tiger, an endangered species, would get your libido back on track – you are completely clueless and will never get as much as an inch on your shaft working. Start looking for real solutions, and information!

low-libidoThere are three kinds of erectile dysfunction treatments in the industry today – the first being penile surgeries, that have been partially successful, but not without injuries and long-lasting scars, bruises and broken shafts!

The second are penile enlargement devices, which usually are worse than penile surgeries – ineffective and often ending in worse physical injuries and issues than you had been facing before you started experimenting!

The final solution is erection creams – which are basically non-0invasive gels that can be applied on the shaft, and contains herbs that improve blood-flow and stop/help premature ejaculation and in erectile dysfunction treatment. The last one is the best since it is away from side effects and can be very affordable than the rest.

Make your trail runs before you judge though!

Gums Show the Way for Erectile Dysfunction treatment!

If you are worried that your man may be slowly receding into that black hole of erectile dysfunction, gums can be a great way to show you the warning signs. A recent research and study has shown that men with periodontitis or inflamed gums have a chance of getting male dysfunction early in their lives almost three times more than men who don’t have an issue with their gums!

ImageNext time you see your man smiling at you, you would certainly be looking at his gums to make sure that you don’t have to resort to Viagra and other such pills to get him back on track as far as lovemaking is concerned.

But what if the guy is already deep into male dysfunction and is looking for straw boats to hold on to before drowning out in permanent impotence? Well, you need to go out a step further and ensure that natural erectile dysfunction remedies like erection creams and erection gels are taken into account to assuage him back into the right track.

Erection creams and erection oils are the most easily available products in the industry – and the right vendor can offer you male dysfunction treatment avenues that not only work – but also leave no trace of side effects in its wake!

Don’t Avoid the Issue of Male Dysfunction Treatment!

If you are affected by the age-old issue of male dysfunction, do not treat it like a temporary problem and sit over it. Get help and get treatment now. There are hundreds of online portals today that can offer you advice and a lot of methods to get your libido back. Choose the ones that have considerable repute amongst consumers and men (in general) – and mark out some of the easiest ways in which you can explore male dysfunction treatment or natural erectile dysfunction remedies.

Male Dysfunction Treatment Here are some home-made remedies for male dysfunction treatment – that you can try without spending a penny!

  • Sleep is important. A good night’s sleep can do miracles to your libido levels, your energy and fresh-faced disposition. A lot of people say that the stress is killing their sex lives, but do not realize that the only way they can light that fire in bed is by getting a good sleep and working less on the presentations and more on the foreplay!
  • Hormonal therapies are also a good way to unwind and rejuvenate your testosterone levels. This you may have to spend some money on, but it is worth taking it up if you are actually unable to erect the shaft for longer than 10 seconds!


Also try erection gels and erection creams – which are pretty authentic life savers as natural erectile dysfunction remedies!

5 More Foods to Boost Your Libido!

Like in the two earlier posts, we have discovered 5 new food products/foods that can help you with your male dysfunction treatment – and also help you enjoy better sex lives! But what are these? Check them out below –

  1. Celery is one of the veggies that is being discovered as one of the most healthy and beneficial of vegetarian palates out there. It helps in male dysfunction treatment as it contains androsterone, which turns on women and helps men get on with the act better!
  2. Bananas are also a great libido enhancer, as bromelain enzyme, which is present in the fruit, helps reverse impotence in males. It also contains riboflavin and similar vitamins that help improve energy levels in the body and get you ready for a roll in the hay!
  3. Almonds and nuts are essential fatty acid pools which help improve hormone production. The smell of almonds also arouses women – something that you may indeed love, irrespective of whether you are impotent or not!
  4. Eggs are rich sources of vitamins like B6 and B5 – which increase hormone production and also help fight stress, both of which can keep you running your fire high when it matters!
  5. Mangoes, strawberries and peaches are more psychological tools of upping the ante on your libido than physical ones. Use them to improve your foreplay and get into the act like Bond himself!


Keep the fire started, gentlemen!

Foods That Drive Your Libido Up!

Suffering from a bad case of the limp shaft? Well, unlike what they show or claim in the ads, it is not fairly easy to reclaim your libido simply through the execution of a penile surgery (it might end up being the execution of your Johnson though!), but through an additional campaign of natural foods that could help you get erectile dysfunction treatment back on track.

Listed below are 5 common food types that can help you enjoy that blinding passion in bed again!

1.    Oysters and clams have a historical significance of being libido enhancers – as they are packed with dopamine, which helps improve testosterone, as does zinc, a mineral that is ample in oysters too!
2.    Peppers and spice also helps – as they are physiological tools to arouse you subconsciously, which ends in better lovemaking sessions than when having bland food.

3.    Alcohol, while drunk in moderation, can drop your inhibitions and decrease your self-doubts – thus aiding in better libido. Although, more often than not, alcohol consumption for better sex leads to more complex issues later on, especially for heavy drinkers.

4.    Garlic helps better blood flow – which is one of the major reasons on which the tenets of erectile dysfunction treatment rest.

5.    Chocolate is another psychological fillip to sex and foreplay – which helps your libido levels in more ways than what any erection pill can do.

But along with these foods, you need to have a medicated dosage of erection gels or creams as well!

Why are Erection Creams Flourishing?

There are hundreds of online products that promise to cater to the rising problem of a low libido among men – especially ones who are still in a fruitful relationship but are going through personal crises because of a lack of libido and can’t discuss about it with others for fear of social taboo!

But with the advent of online products that tackle this problem, the issue of anonymity is a favorable one – and you can always buy products that have been peer reviewed for the best results and then go in all-guns-blazing under the sheets!

However, the reason why erection creams and erection gels are flourishing are dual – one being the price and the other being the easy and non-invasive manner in which you can procure and apply the products and compare results. With penile enhancement systems, which cannot be used anywhere but privately, you stand to lose your dignity. With creams this is a non-issue.

Moreover, penile enhancement systems or penile surgeries cost a bomb, while erection creams cost only a fraction of that amount – and are way better than the former as far as results and reviews and user experience is concerned – especially online!